Meals with Rubbermaid TakeAlongs

A lot has changed for me in the past 4 months. Not only am I not pregnant (yay!), but I’ve also become extremely tired and time is truly precious. Eating healthy and nutritious meals is more crucial now more than ever. I’ve partnered with Rubbermaid on their TakeAlongs Meal Prep Containers to show you how I prep my meals for the week for both myself and Willy!


I start most of my meals with brown rice as it’s a healthy grain and helps to also keep me full. I’ve had an insatiable appetite these days!


Protein is crucial for both myself, Willy, and baby Wu! I pack a protein packed meal with veggies for us both. This also helps keep my belly full and my energy up. The easiest part is that there’s a separate compartment for my rice so the food doesn’t mix and cause my rice to become soggy throughout the week.


Rubbermaid’s TakeAlongs Meal Prep Containers have larger compartments than most meal prep containers I’ve used. This is particularly helpful because I don’t feel like I have to cram my food into a tiny container. Additionally, the lids are clear which helps me see which food is mine and which is Willy’s particularly when we’re in a hurry in the mornings. These Take Alongs Meal Prep Containers are currently at Walmart and have Rollback Pricing through 2/10!

Rings & Things with Sparkly

One month down and 2018 is 1/12 done. I can't believe that I'm hitting my 2 year wedding anniversary this year! It feels like yesterday that Willy got down on one knee and proposed to me in Joshua Tree.


I remember ring shopping being very stressful for me because I really didn't know much about diamonds but most importantly, I had no idea what size ring diamond I wanted. I wanted something that really fit my finger, not too big, not too small. When Sparkly reached out to me about their site, I was excited to partner with them on this post because I know the struggle of ring shopping first hand.   

On Sparkly, you can browse tons of images of ring selfies AND the best part is it give you all the information you need. You can sort my cut, setting, carat and ring size. This gives you a good idea of how that same style ring will look on your hand. Additionally, tons of women share the jeweler or brand which is extremely helpful. You can also create an account and share your very own ring selfie!


Since getting married in 2016, I've taken my precious ring all over the world. From London to Paris to New York City and Puerto Vallarta, and most recently, Salt Lake City! 


xo, Jenny

San Diego, I Love You

My sister recently moved to San Diego's North Park and has been raving about her new neighborhood. I had been planning to visit so when the San Diego Tourism reached out to me to share some of my favorite spots, I couldn't be more excited. 

Just a little over 2 hours away, San Diego welcomed me with Wow Wow Waffle to satiate my hunger. I ordered an assortment of sweet & savory and fell in love with the Number 7, bacon baked in brown sugar, avocado, & goat cheese. 

I spent the latter of Friday night strolling North Park and catching up with my sister. Willy and I decided to take a nice stroll through the residential neighborhood Saturday morning. The houses are all super unique with different shapes, sizes, and decor. 

The rest of our Saturday and Sunday on a self led food tour with zero regrets. We ate everything from lobster mac n cheese to giant bavarian pretzels and artisanal donuts. Here is my round up of my try eateries/restaurants and everything in between.

1. Nomad Donuts

3102 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Known from their world inspired flavor donuts, Nomad also features a full service cafe bar, bagels, and breakfast eats. We tried four different donuts and loved every single one. The Mango Cake Mango Chili Tamarind is definitely a wild card but was a unique try. 

Mango Cake Mango Chili Tamarind, Meyer Lemon Crueller, Apple Jam Almond Cardamom, Passionfruit Orange Guava

Mango Cake Mango Chili Tamarind, Meyer Lemon Crueller, Apple Jam Almond Cardamom, Passionfruit Orange Guava

2. California Tap Room

3812 Ray St, San Diego, CA 92104

If you are as much of a soft pretzel fiend as I am, you cannot miss this one. They have a variety of pretzels from the Giant Bavarian (pictured below) to the Philly Sourdough. They warm up the pretzel and serve it with a side of beer cheese and an assortment of delicious mustards. Not only did we order two pretzels, we also went home with a side of beer cheese and mustards to use at home. That good. 


3. Liberty Public Market

2820 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

Nothing speaks to me more than a food collective with a little something for everyone. I love going to tons of stalls and getting an item or two from each and eating everything family style. Liberty Public Market definitely delivered. We got sausages and fries from Mastiff Sausage Company, lobster mac n cheese from Wicked Maine Lobster, arancini balls from Roma Express, and jambalaya from Cane Patch Kitchen.

4. Barbusa

1917 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

My sister took me to Little Italy for dinner and we dined on fresh handmade pasta and delicious wood fired pizzas. Pro tip, take a Lyft as parking can be a bit tricky. I instagram polled and everyone told me to order the Bone Marrow Cavatelli. So glad I listened. Also, I'm definitely into ordering pizzas as appetizers. Am I the only one? We got the Dolci E Piccante which is a sweet and spicy and features a lavender honey.

5. Coral Tree Tea House

2490 Heritage Park Row, San Diego, CA 92110

Two words. High tea. Pretty much my favorite bougie thing to do. Coral Tree Tea House sits in historical Heritage Park. It is family owned and everything is made in house. Not to mention, the teas were so good! My favorite was Carmen and it smelled INCREDIBLE. 

6. Carnitas Snack Shack

2632 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

If you're a Fried Chicken Sandwich connoisseur, you must try theirs. The tri pepper marmalade and chive aioli makes for the perfect combination. We also got the Steak Sandwich which was also incredible but for sure the Fried Chicken stole the show. 


Looking back it's hard to imagine that I managed to eat all that in 2 days but somehow, my body made room. Walking around San Diego, I already have a list of my next spots I must try. Can't wait to be back soon! Until then, xo.

I want to thank San Diego Tourism for sponsoring this post. Funded in part with City of San Diego Tourism Marketing District Assessment Funds.

New Year, New Little Tokyo Discoveries

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great start to their year. I know my posts for 2017 were a bit sporadic towards the end of the year. The reason for this is I noticed myself sharing restaurant reviews that I wasn't particularly passionate about.

For 2018, I want to focus more on story telling, particularly travel and city guides. Currently, I have trips planned for San Diego, Salt Lake City, Cancun, Vegas, Phoenix, & Portland. That's just through March! I'm hoping to add an international trip as well as a few more weekend trips throughout the year. Stay tuned for the best of all of these cities!

I kicked off my new year with a day in Little Tokyo. I had a blast covering Delicious Little Tokyo last summer and this time, I wanted to focus on new discoveries, both food and shopping, that make Little Tokyo so fun. I've partnered with Go Little Tokyo (yay!) to share some of my faves. 

1. Tea Master Matcha Cafe & Green Tea Shop

450 E 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012


The store name speaks for itself but just in case, this little shop nestled in the Honda Plaza across from Sushi Gen features ceremonial grade matcha as well as unique green tea gifts. We opted to start our day with a Matcha Latte, the famous Soft Serve, and some Baked Tofu Donuts. Also a huge plus, all the lattes are served with oat milk. It's like they know I'm currently oat milk obsessed. It's a perfect start to your day or post meal treat. Either way, definitely check it out if you can't get enough of Matcha!


2. Poketo Pop Up

374 E. 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

I'm a huge fan of lifestyle stores that have a little bit of everything. My bank account, not so much a fan. Poketo has two other stores at The Line Hotel in Ktown and The Platform in Culver City. They've opened up this Little Tokyo pop up to showcase the best of their offerings. I had a hard time not taking home all the delicious candles and cute accessories. Not to mention, the chic stationary was screaming my name. 


3. Far Bar



Ok so I'm cheating a little because this is totally not a new discovery. I've been time and time again but it deserves a mention because of how much I love it. The vibe is super chill and they have ample local beers on tap. Their food menu is good and includes my favorite Wasabi Fries, extra wasabi please. At 3pm, they open up the back patio and entrance. There's strung up lights, outdoor seating, and chill music. Obsessed. 

For this round, we got Wasabi Fries, Duck Fried Rice, and Sliders Bento Box. Oh and a beer. All so good. 

4. bae 

369 E 2nd St Los Angeles, CA 90012



This coffee, doughnut, soft serve spot is neighbors to the former American Apparel store. They feature artisanal coffee and donuts as well as unique soft serve flavors. You can even upgrade to get the charcoal cone. The interior is hip with gray tones and make for the perfect instagram backdrop. I mean, they have a neon sign that says "With Love, From Bae." Can you say #bestoftheday. 

I opted for the Fruit Pebbles & Toasted Cinnamon swirl topped with mochi and corn flakes. Next time, I'm going to try the Charcoal Pineapple to give my black and white dreams come true. 

What are your favorite spots in Little Tokyo? I'm always looking for an excuse to spend time there.

xo, Jenny

Travel Guide: London 2017

I am finally able to post my London Travel guide. I got back from Europe in September and had a whirlwind of additional adventures that delayed this post. That being said, here are my top recommendations for London!

1. citzen M, bankside

20 Lavington St, London SE1 0NZ, UK


My absolute favorite about the hotel was the bed. I know this sounds pretty mundane but if you've ever slept in a crappy hotel bed, you'll know what I mean. This giant XL King bed pushed all the way up against the window was by far the most comfortable I've ever been in making for the most peaceful nights. Can we also talk about the black out blinds? This was crucial for midday naps to escape the jetlag. 

I highly recommend opting for the breakfast buffet in the lobby. You can people watch through the floor to ceiling windows and enjoy a full English breakfast with an assortment of house made jams. They also have a fridge in every room (that they restock!) where everything is FREE. FREE. 

Finally, they do have more than 1 location in London if Bankside isn't your jam. Their Tower of London location has incredible views!

2. Fortnum + Mason

181 Piccadilly | Fortnum & Mason, London W1A 1ER, England


You can't go to London without experiencing high tea! So many people recommended Fortnum & Mason to me so I had to check it out. They are unique in that they offer a "refillable" aka "all you can eat" food service. You can choose between savory or sweet. If you go with another person, you can pick both savory and sweet and share with one another. 

Be sure to make a reservation and allot time to check out their shopping area. We purchased most of our gifts from Fortnum as they offered a wide variety of teas, biscuits, and gift sets. If you're worried about luggage space, they also have an online store. 

Be forewarned it's not cheap but totally worth the splurge to feel like royalty. 

3. The Shard

32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, UK

While the sometimes frugal Asian in me tends to stray away from sightseeing that costs money, I'm so glad Willy encouraged me to fork over the entry fee to the Shard. The Shard is a modern vertical building with incredible views of London.

The Shard comprises 25 floors of high specification office space, three floors of restaurants, the 19-floor five-star Shangri-La Hotel, 13 floors of residential apartments and London’s highest public viewing gallery.

4. Borough Market

8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL, UK

Sadly, the food in London was a bit rough for me. Rough in the sense that most of it was in short, awful. The Borough Market however, was incredible. This huge outdoor market featured some of the best food I had in London. Located in the Bankside area, you can stop by before or after the Shard. They are walking distance from one another. 

Some of the highlights were: Scotch Egg from Scotchtails, an assortment of fresh seafood, Salted Caramel Stuffed Donut from Bread Ahead, and Beef Steak Pie from Pie Minister

By far the best however, was the Pork Belly sandwich from Roast to Go. "A sandwich of pork belly and crackling with bramley apple sauce is the crowd-puller, but there’s much more besides: rib of beef with horseradish, roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, rare breed bacon butties."


5. Buckingham Palace

Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, UK

We got super lucky that we visited London during the time that Buckingham was open to the public for tours. It was incredible seeing such an iconic landmark in person, let alone to be able to tour inside. The audio visual guide was included with the tickets and made you feel like you were on a personal tour. You aren't allowed to take photos inside but it's just like you imagined a palace would be. The dates for 2018 are July 21 - September 30. If you happen to be there in the summer, definitely check it out!

6. Dishoom

Various locations. 

I'm a huge fan of Indian food and up until Dishoom, I thought I'd definitely had the best Indian food in LA. I was clearly mistaken and Dishoom needs to come to LA. We got VERY lucky and happened to walk in and found ourselves first in line. From what I hear, the wait tends to be LONG. You can also make reservations which is highly recommended. 

We went to the Covent Garden location and it's a two story restaurant and the tables are pretty small. Overall, rather snug but honestly worth the claustrophobia. 


My absolute favorite item that we ordered, and according to Yelp, a crowd favorite. Chicken Ruby: A good and proper curry redolent with spice and flavour. Tender chicken in a rich silky ‘makhani’ sauce, best mopped up with a Roomali Roti. 

7. SkyGarden

20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 8AF, UK

This beautiful indoor garden hosts 3 stories of restaurants, bars, and viewing terraces. If you're looking for something hip and cool, consider checking this one out. I went to Sketch and was sorely disappointed with the food and service. Price points are similar but Darwin Brasserie (make a res) in SkyGarden has amazing service and delicious cocktails. The food was good, not super memorable considering I don't remember what I ate. The best thing to do here is drinks and views. Possibly the only rival to the views at the Shard. 


Happy travels!

xo Jenny