Social Media Monday: Lucie Fink, xofashionica, How I Built This, Poshmark

It's not secret that I'm on social media & my phone - a lot. More than I'm honestly thrilled to admit. There are pros to my inevitable carpal tunnel though! I have a slew of favorite Youtube channels, Instagram accounts, podcasts, & apps that I adore. So here's to another segment of my blog I'm naming Social Media Monday where I share my current internet favorites just in time for the start of your work week full of long commutes and traffic jams. 

Youtube: Lucie Fink

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On my flight home from Detroit (travel guide coming soon), I explored their "Series" television and something possessed me to click on the image of this adorable, smiling girl. The title was "Try Living with Lucie" and I literally had zero expectations. What I got was this charismatic, hilarious, pizza loving New Yorker who tries tons of trends and documents them for Refinery29. Topics include, not washing your hair for 10 days, eating pizza everyday for 5 days (sign me up), and 5 days of no sugar (hard pass). She also manages her own channel and is a self proclaimed stop motion goddess. I normally hate Try It videos because I feel the participants are scripted and spewing random comments for reactive value. But Lucie is so genuine. I just want to be her friend. The best kind of people honestly. So Lucie, when can we get pizza and make chocolate?

Instagram: xofashionica

I honestly am so obsessed with this little human whose creativity I cannot get enough of. She's got impeccable style that mixes unique thrift finds (see her Youtube channel for Game of Thrifts) and on trend pieces I can only dream of pulling off. Also, can we talk about her gorgeous AF hair? Literally, Nica, are you an Asian unicorn? Teach me your ways! I always feel so inspired after looking at her Instagram and for good reason. She takes great care into each and every detail of every photo. A true creative who constantly broadens her horizons. Also, girl loves to eat and eat well for that matter. You are my kind of people!

Podcast: How I Built This

I'm fully aware this podcast is not new. In fact, there's a great playlist of episodes for you to binge on (always half full amiright?). The podcast is however, new to me. I think NPR basically rules the pack of informative podcasts. How I Built This is no different. It focuses on entrepreneurs and interviews them on exactly what the title says, how they built their businesses. From Sara Blakely of Spanx to Nolan Bushnell of Ataris then later Chuck E Cheese, How I Built This inspires me to work harder and build my social media to something more than a collection of photos. Also, I'm a nosy biatch and I love to know how people did what they do. So this podcast is totally up my curious alley. 

App: Poshmark

Poshmark is an app (and desktop site) that allows you to buy and sell both new and preloved clothing. While some people buy wholesale and start boutiques, I think the majority of people are selling from their personal collections. I've been selling my preloved clothing, shoes, accessories for years. Literally since I was 14. I started this journey on ebay and was religious to it for years (basically up until this year). But as of late, their seller protection has been complete shit and as a result, I've chosen to close down my ebay operations. I've also tried all of the in store resell boutiques like Buffalo Exchange and Wasteland but they take so much of your potential earnings, it's literally robbery. I can honestly write an entire blog post on how to resell your clothing and make $$$. Let me know if that is of any interest to you and I'll gather all my experiences. 

I've been selling on Poshmark for 6 months now and there are so many little tricks that I've picked up that have helped me sell over 300 items that otherwise would have continued to collect dust. A few reasons why I love Poshmark. 

1. Amazing buyer AND seller protection.

2. The ability to negotiate and make offers. 

3. You control your pricing and can list items at your leisure. 

4. You can transfer your balance directly to your bank account whenever you want. This only takes 1-2 days to process. 

If you love Poshmark too, leave me your closet handle so I can check out your store! 

What are your current social media faves? Let me know!

xo, Jenny