PALMDALE: Pops & Poppies

I went home to visit my parents for my dad's birthday. As I get older, I've started to appreciate a few thing that I, so to speak, took for granted. Those things include, naps, time to myself, and time with my family. I try to visit home once a month and I'm always at a loss with what suitcase I should bring. My suitcases range from duffle bag to ginormous European excursion size. 

Thankfully my friends at Calpak stepped in and upgraded my luggage. Naturally, I picked the all around fave, milky suitcase. 

Top from Forever 21; Skirt from Zara; Heels from Solestruck (RIP); Suitcase c/o Calpak

The suitcases are so incredibly well made. Literally live up to all the hype. My favorite thing about the carry on is that the left side zips all the contents in! Now all of my things don't go flying when I shut my suitcase. Can't wait to see how many places I can take these swanky suitcases. 

Cluster Sphere Earrings c/o Mejuri

Jacket from Forever 21; Dress from Romwe; Necklace c/o Foxy Originals; Heels from Jeffrey Campbell

One of my FAVORITE spots to visit in Palmdale is the aqueduct. It's a windy mess and is freezing - two of my least favorite things. So why do I like it so much? It's beautiful. I don't love greenery and gardens. I dislike posing with flowers and trees. But I'm a sucker for water and open skies. I first discovered it when I only had Snow and I would take her here and run with her. 

Tee Shirt from Romwe

Lastly, we took a trip to the ever so popular Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. It's only a 25 minute drive from Palmdale and parking was pretty plentiful. We didn't actually go into the actual reserve because dogs aren't allowed, fair. So we hung out around the surrounding area which was covered in a sea of poppies. My dad loved the nature stroll with our dogs. 

I'm not saying Palmdale is a hot spot for travelers, ha. But you never know!

xo, Jenny