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BRENTWOOD: Brunch at Bottlefish

Taking over the former Capital Grille (RIP) in the heart of Brentwood, Bottlefish offers it's patrons delicious food with a gorgeous atmosphere. With everything from a full bar to an oyster bar, Bottlefish has got all the makings for a fun brunch with the gals or a dinner date with boo.

I'm down for dinner as long as they have the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes available. Probably the best thing I ate the entire meal. Super fluffy and flavorful.  

Can you believe that this is called, petite? I never used to be a fan of raw seafood, yes that include sashimi. This is shocking for anyone who's eaten with me in the last several years since I without fair always order some form of raw seafood for every meal. I'm glad my tastes have changed just in time to devour this tray. The ceviche and oysters were my favorite and my friend Jenn couldn't get enough of the shrimps!

Battle of the toasts! RICOTTA TOAST house-made thick cut brioche, fresh ricotta, orange-turmeric-ginger jam vs. LOBSTER TOAST avocado mousse, lemon chili dressing, radishes, toasted country bread. I really truly with all my heart wanted to love the Ricotta Toast but unfortunately, it was just too bready for me and the jam ricotta combo was too light in flavor to make it a tasty dish. That being said, the Lobster Toast won hands down. Deliciously large chunks of lobster over a light avocado mousse. Yes please.  

HOUSE CURED SALMON GRAVLAX house-cured, cucumbers, dill cream, capers, red onions, potato galette. I loved the creativity of the potato galette. Typically, you eat this with a thick bagel. The crispy potato really added a crunch element which was absolutely delicious!

CRISPY BRUSSELS SPROUTS Thai vinaigrette. If ever there are Crispy Brussels on a menu, count me in. Literally. 100% of the time. Because of this, I feel like I know how I like my brussels. Crispy with a lot of sauce. And this was that. The Thai vinaigrette is absolutely delicious but if you're not a fan of salty, this  might not be for you as it is very strong in savory goodness. 

Which dish are you most interested in trying?

xo, Jenny