CHINO: Unicorn Shakes at CakedLA

Lately the food scene has been exploding with shock value photos. Unicorn smoothies, Hot Cheetos blasted burritos, rainbow grilled cheese - to name a few. Caked LA invited me to their Chino location and I put their menu items to the test!

I think their items are beautiful for photography. I will say I was a bit disappointed with the milkshake because it literally tasted like blended milk. Not a lot of flavor. I was hoping for something a bit sweeter. The decorations and cookies were yummy!

The donut on top of the milk green tea drink was sadly dry. The drink itself was good but the sheer amount of popping boba was overwhelming. I think the place has a lot of potential and with a few tweaks could be both beautiful and amazingly delicious. 

Top from Forever 21; Jacket from Zara; Jeans from Zara; Heels from Urban Outfitters; Bag from Rebecca Minkoff; Sunnies from Quay

xo, Jenny