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I got a chance to try Neptunes Raw Bar and it did not disappoint. I was in the area and knew that I HAD to stop by. I'd seen too many lobster roll and oyster photos to not take advantage of the opportunity. It is located in a plaza with ample parking. Huge plus. 

The lobster roll had HUGE chunks of lobster in every bite. They really don't skimp on the portions! I would say - I would have loved some kind of sauce or condiment to accompany the roll but overall - really good! 


Cereal Crusted Stuffed French Toast & Lobster Mac N Cheese.


The highlight of my meal was definitely the uni pasta. I'm a huge uni fan so keep that in mind for my next glowing remark. This dish features an uni cream sauce as well as chunks of uni. I've had uni pastas before but they often were too conservative with the urchin which makes for a very bland pasta. This one really doesn't. You get a burst of flavor in every bite. 

In the same plaza is a Cafe 86. By now, you must have seen their infamous flan topped ube cupcakes all over Instagram. With locations in Pasadena, Artesia, and Chino, this Filipino themed eatery has some very unique items. I of course had to try the flan/ube cupcake. I'm sad to report that I thought this was just ok. The flan was good but the cupcake lacked a rich ube flavor. Overall, I think it's more Instagram worthy than it is tasty. I did however really enjoy their boba. I'm curious to try other items next time!

xx, jenny

DTLA: Gresescent, Midori Matcha & Pitchoun Bakery

DTLA has come a LONG way since my FIDM days. When I was in school, we had Subway across the street and Starbucks down the way. Now there are tons of options just blocks away. Here's a few spots you should check out.

1. Midori Matcha

123 Astronaut Ellison Onizuka St. #101-C, Los Angeles, CA

Matcha pastries exclusively for Midori Matcha by Pitchoun Bakery.

Matcha pastries exclusively for Midori Matcha by Pitchoun Bakery.


Midori Matcha started with cold brew matcha and has now branched out to a brick & mortar that features premium matcha drinks. You can get anything from the classic matcha latte to iced matcha mimosas. Don't forget to try some of the delicious matcha themed pastries made by Pitchoun exclusivey for Midori Matcha. 

2. Pitchoun Bakery

545 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

(pronounced: “PITCH-OON”):
French affectionate term meaning “Kiddo” - from the old dialect in Provence and in the Southwest of France.

Made popular for their delicious French pastries, including the strawberry tart pictured above, Pitchoun features delicious French eat as well. My absolute favorite was the Croque Monsieur, traditional French cooked ham, gruyère, bechamel sauce, butter, sandwich bread topped with a runny egg. 

Pitchoun features fast casual dining with house made from scratch recipes. A perfcect lunch spot across from Pershing Square.

3. Gresescent 

850 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

(gres-uh-suh-nt) adj. Delightfully thick, creamy and vanishingly dense; the magic of ice cream

Gresescent just opened its first brick & mortar store and it's really worth the visit. At this point, it's hard to have not seen their beautiful ice cream bouquets all over social media. For $9, you get to pick 5 flavors and they turn your choices into a beautiful bouquet. Their artisanal flavors are unique and delicious. My favorites were the Sea Salt Chocolate Ganache and the Grilled Pineapple & Bourbon Caramel. 

Let me know if you get a chance to check these out!