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DTLA: Chimney Coffee

If you haven't checked out this BOMB cafe, you're totally missing out. Seriously. Their menu ranges from incredible breakfast sandwiches (see below) to matcha brick toast (also see below). 

Chimney Coffee House

1100 North Main Street Suite B

Los Angeles, 90012 CA

Another MUST order item is their cheddar scone. They aren't made in house but they are literally the best savory scones I've had. Willy and I had to fight each other for crumbs. 


Outfit: Sweater c/o Shein; Jeans from Zara

Makeup Details:

Eyes: NYX Love Contours All

Lips: Mellow Cosmetics in Puerto Rico

xo, Jenny


I got a chance to try Neptunes Raw Bar and it did not disappoint. I was in the area and knew that I HAD to stop by. I'd seen too many lobster roll and oyster photos to not take advantage of the opportunity. It is located in a plaza with ample parking. Huge plus. 

The lobster roll had HUGE chunks of lobster in every bite. They really don't skimp on the portions! I would say - I would have loved some kind of sauce or condiment to accompany the roll but overall - really good! 


Cereal Crusted Stuffed French Toast & Lobster Mac N Cheese.


The highlight of my meal was definitely the uni pasta. I'm a huge uni fan so keep that in mind for my next glowing remark. This dish features an uni cream sauce as well as chunks of uni. I've had uni pastas before but they often were too conservative with the urchin which makes for a very bland pasta. This one really doesn't. You get a burst of flavor in every bite. 

In the same plaza is a Cafe 86. By now, you must have seen their infamous flan topped ube cupcakes all over Instagram. With locations in Pasadena, Artesia, and Chino, this Filipino themed eatery has some very unique items. I of course had to try the flan/ube cupcake. I'm sad to report that I thought this was just ok. The flan was good but the cupcake lacked a rich ube flavor. Overall, I think it's more Instagram worthy than it is tasty. I did however really enjoy their boba. I'm curious to try other items next time!

xx, jenny

SANTA MONICA: Lattes at Espresso Cielo

Working in Santa Monica has its pros and cons. Traffic is not my friend but the cute eateries and Wednesday's Farmer's Market help alleviate my pain. Espresso Cielo remodeled their Main St location and opened it's second location, on well, Second St. 

The owners of Espresso Cielo source pastries from local artisanal bakeries and frequent farmer's markets for their delicious & healthy food. We got their famous avocado toast with the most orange yolked egg on top, soup & salad, and kale salad. 

The recent LA gloom has me wanting a hot latte & fresh baked pastries. They also serve the Melrose favorite, Neveux Artisan Creamery ice creams. Yes.

If you're in Santa Monica and need a coffee date, hit me up!