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NOHO: Groundwork Coffee

Groundwork Coffee unveiled their North Hollywood location a this past February. The location sits between the Orange Line & Red Line and built into the Historic Train Depot. I went to high school in North Hollywood and let's just say... give or take 5-10 years ago, North Hollywood wasn't a destination. Unless you're looking for Yum Yum Donuts or Big Time Burger. 

With the new development happening in the Arts District, North Hollywood is actually a full service hangout with food, art, & entertainment. 


Some must order items are the Breakfast Tacos (Chino Valley Ranchers™ scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, queso fresco, avocado, picked red onions, chipotle aioli, corn tortillas, harissa hot sauce) & Short Rib Hash (Chino Valley Ranchers™ poached egg, Bitches Brew short ribs, sweet potatoes, organic spinach, green onion, togarashi, harissa hollandaise).

Coat from Topshop; Top c/o Romwe; Jeans from Topshop; Boots from Zara; Bag from Zara

xo, Jenny

DTLA: Chimney Coffee

If you haven't checked out this BOMB cafe, you're totally missing out. Seriously. Their menu ranges from incredible breakfast sandwiches (see below) to matcha brick toast (also see below). 

Chimney Coffee House

1100 North Main Street Suite B

Los Angeles, 90012 CA

Another MUST order item is their cheddar scone. They aren't made in house but they are literally the best savory scones I've had. Willy and I had to fight each other for crumbs. 


Outfit: Sweater c/o Shein; Jeans from Zara

Makeup Details:

Eyes: NYX Love Contours All

Lips: Mellow Cosmetics in Puerto Rico

xo, Jenny

BEAUTY: Daniel Jordan Salon + Short Bob

For those who've known me since my adolescent years, they can recall a time when my hair was down my back and ended right above my waistline. But since my horrific ombre hair experience and the endless dye jobs to get back to my natural color, I've worn my hair shorter. The ombre turned my straight fine hair into a broomstick so I chopped off about a foot of hair one fateful day. And I just keep going shorter. 

I continuously bounce from salon to salon but I think I've finally found my home base. Daniel Jordan was opened by a husband & wife duo in the Encino Town Center. The open space, minimalist design, and friendly staff are just a few of the reasons why I love it there. I opted for a cut + conditioning treatment + blowout; except I don't do blowouts because I think they look weird on me so my stylist curled my hair instead. We took off about 2 inches of hair and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

I've been really into taupe nude hoodie lately and I just found this cozy piece at Forever 21. It is embroidered with the popular "Love is patient..." quote. Firstly, I love the quote. Secondly, it reminds me of A Walk to Remember. I paired it with my Forever 21 Skinny Jeans + Vagabond Combat Boots. The ultimate on the go outfit. 

x, jenny


What started as a Bridal convention, has now transformed into a food festival featuring eats from Los Angeles to the OC. Crave Expo was held at the The Phoenix Club in Anaheim this year and featured the likes of Belly Bombz, Halal Guys, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams & more. I attended the VIP hour from 11-1PM which means that all the vendors give you a free deluxe sample. Some vendors weren't participating in the VIP hour which I found a bit odd - but others like Califa Farms totally made up for it.


Clockwise from top left, Norigami Tacos, Burger Monster, & Street Churros. The churros was absolutely delicious. It was a cold day so the fresh & warm sugary treat was definitely a great start to the morning. Burger Monster had delicious sliders. We got their Mighty Melt (Caramelized cheddar inside our white brioche bun, tempura onion strings, bacon, more cheddar cheese, coleslaw and BBQ sauce) & Carnivore (Hand sliced New York Deli Pastrami, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, OC sauce and Sriracha-Garlic on an angus patty).

Clockwise from top left, The Lobster Shack by Sunset Catering, Belly Bombz, Swami's Sandwiches, & Mad Dumplings. The mac & cheese was delicious so I was a little bummed it was a tiny spoonful. Nonetheless, delicious! I didn't get to try the Pork Belly Longanisa dumplings from Mad Dumplings but I did try the Vintage which I thought was ok. It had turkey & Chinese Chives. 

Clockwise from top left, Okamoto Kitchen, Califa Farms, & Helados Pops. Okamoto was serving up Katsu Sandwiches while Califa Farms was sampling their delicious Almondmilks and Cold Brews. The very nice guy working the Califa booth sent me home with 3 Almondmilk cartons and 3 cold brews. Bless you.

I've been following Helados Pops for a while now and was so excited to finally try their delicious ice cream and meet the brothers behind the brand. I ended up loving the Lucuma flavor, which is a subtropical fruit native to Peru, Chile & Ecuador. It tasted like a sweeter, orange avocado. 

It was a bit of a gloomy day so I opted for my F21 New York Never Sleeps Sweater + Tan Coat + Zara Ripped Jeans + Comfy Adidas Originals. My bag is from Topshop and my clear frame glasses are ZeroUV

Last, but definitely not least, I got to meet these two adorable pups who are in need of a loving home. They are currently at Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills. Jackson on the left is a calm senior dog who would be perfect for a family looking for a fellow couch potato. Baby on the right is a younger lovebug who enjoy playing and knows some basic tricks. Both did amazingly well with the large crowds and brought a smile to the Crave Expo patrons. Please share if you can!

x, jenny

SHOP: A Flood of Sales

Clearly a play on words as Los Angeles is turning into an actual river. Jokes on us right? Considering our river is barren - almost always. Anyways, this storm has left me with little to do but go to the malls and shop. Thankfully for me, the best sales of the year are going on right now. Here's what I got so far. I'm thinking there will be an online shopping haul when all my orders come in. 

Steve Madden has a number of styles on clearance for $24.99 and all sale shoes have an additional 25% off sale in store. 

Free People  Black Slip Dress; $15.18    similar here

Free People Black Slip Dress; $15.18 similar here

Free People has an additional 30% off sale items in store and a handful of regular priced items at 25% off. They are offering free standard shipping on any purchase online. 

Urban Outfitters has an additional 40% off all home items. I'd stock up on candles if I were you! Especially since these babies retail for $32 each normally. I opted for Pumpkin Spice and Red Nutmeg + Peppercorn. 

ZARA   Silky Maxi Dress; $9.99  Velvet Midi Dress; $15.99

ZARA Silky Maxi Dress; $9.99 Velvet Midi Dress; $15.99

We're coming to the end of the semi-annual Zara sale. While options are at a minimum, so are prices. Items are now marked down to basically 80-90% off. I found that the stores have more options but the website has some styles left too. Free shipping on orders over $50!

ZARA  White Zip Up; $12.99; Grey Turtleneck $9.99; Metallic Sweater; $9.99 similar  here,   here , &  here.  

ZARA White Zip Up; $12.99; Grey Turtleneck $9.99; Metallic Sweater; $9.99 similar here, here, & here. 

ZARA Blazer; $15.99 Leather Purse; $12.99 Sweater Dress $7.99 Checked Blouse; $12.99

Pacsun had a buy 1 get 2 free sale so I indulged in some high school throwback shopping. Though I will say Pacsun is WILDLY different than the Bullhead denim days I remember. They carry labels like Adidas, Brandy Melville, and Calvin Klein. As shown above. Currently in store, they have 70% off sale items and an additional 50% off sale online. 


Nordstrom Rack has an additional 25% off sale items both in store and online. Tons of holiday items are super cheap but only really useful if you're looking to hoard until the end of the year. 

So I think I'm most proud of this little Forever 21 haul. All 4 items above cost me $22. I'm serious. 3 jackets and a sweater. They are doing an additional 65% off sale items in store and an additional 50% off sale items online. 


So naturally I had to hit up a second Forever 21 and got these workout items for less than $10. 

I also picked up a few regular priced items including some press on nails and a hoodie with one of my favorite bible verses. And not that it truly matters but I'm Buddhist. I can however appreciate other religions too. 


Urban Outfitters   Linda Silver Heel; $19.99

Urban Outfitters Linda Silver Heel; $19.99

And finally, I've been wanting a new pair of silver heels and I love the chunky heel on this one. Also it being $19.99 helped my decision too. It's still $49.99 on the website but in store is cheaper. 

Happy President's Day shopping and don't forget to use Ebates!