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What started as a Bridal convention, has now transformed into a food festival featuring eats from Los Angeles to the OC. Crave Expo was held at the The Phoenix Club in Anaheim this year and featured the likes of Belly Bombz, Halal Guys, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams & more. I attended the VIP hour from 11-1PM which means that all the vendors give you a free deluxe sample. Some vendors weren't participating in the VIP hour which I found a bit odd - but others like Califa Farms totally made up for it.


Clockwise from top left, Norigami Tacos, Burger Monster, & Street Churros. The churros was absolutely delicious. It was a cold day so the fresh & warm sugary treat was definitely a great start to the morning. Burger Monster had delicious sliders. We got their Mighty Melt (Caramelized cheddar inside our white brioche bun, tempura onion strings, bacon, more cheddar cheese, coleslaw and BBQ sauce) & Carnivore (Hand sliced New York Deli Pastrami, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, OC sauce and Sriracha-Garlic on an angus patty).

Clockwise from top left, The Lobster Shack by Sunset Catering, Belly Bombz, Swami's Sandwiches, & Mad Dumplings. The mac & cheese was delicious so I was a little bummed it was a tiny spoonful. Nonetheless, delicious! I didn't get to try the Pork Belly Longanisa dumplings from Mad Dumplings but I did try the Vintage which I thought was ok. It had turkey & Chinese Chives. 

Clockwise from top left, Okamoto Kitchen, Califa Farms, & Helados Pops. Okamoto was serving up Katsu Sandwiches while Califa Farms was sampling their delicious Almondmilks and Cold Brews. The very nice guy working the Califa booth sent me home with 3 Almondmilk cartons and 3 cold brews. Bless you.

I've been following Helados Pops for a while now and was so excited to finally try their delicious ice cream and meet the brothers behind the brand. I ended up loving the Lucuma flavor, which is a subtropical fruit native to Peru, Chile & Ecuador. It tasted like a sweeter, orange avocado. 

It was a bit of a gloomy day so I opted for my F21 New York Never Sleeps Sweater + Tan Coat + Zara Ripped Jeans + Comfy Adidas Originals. My bag is from Topshop and my clear frame glasses are ZeroUV

Last, but definitely not least, I got to meet these two adorable pups who are in need of a loving home. They are currently at Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills. Jackson on the left is a calm senior dog who would be perfect for a family looking for a fellow couch potato. Baby on the right is a younger lovebug who enjoy playing and knows some basic tricks. Both did amazingly well with the large crowds and brought a smile to the Crave Expo patrons. Please share if you can!

x, jenny